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GUTS (Feature Film)

A timid young woman battling an anxiety disorder confronts her sexually traumatic past when she joins a local all-girl punk band.

"Guts" was a quarter-finalist for the Academy Nicholls Fellowship, Austin Film Festival Second Rounder, Stowe Story Lab, WIF Blacklist Fellowship Finalist, and Winner at SF Indie Fest.

“An electrifying piece of writing, this script is a delight. Every page already feels custom tailored for an on screen translation... Production companies should jump at the chance to develop a project that so effectively entertains and makes its audience feel.”

"This is a fantastic script that has equally fantastic commercial appeal. Production companies should jump at the chance to develop a project that so effectively entertains and makes its audience feel."

“An electrifying, dazzling read featuring an empowering female lead and enough feminist bravado to make any audience member feel ready to take on the punk rock stage for herself.”

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"The Blacklist" 


KITTEN (Feature film)

When an unsophisticated writer loses her shot out of her depressed southern town and falls for an enigmatic cult leader, her life and family is hurled into thrilling danger.

"The story is a slow burn until its hellacious and

powerful resolution, which pays off
many earned emotions with a satisfying ending. The writing crafts a beautifully powerful story,
thanks in part to the richness and complexities of the characters, and also how greatly the "web of
relationships" impact them (and their choices)."

"The Blacklist"

"— KITTEN,” in a number of ways, serves as an ode to womanhood and the survival instincts women
must tap into in order to survive. This family dynamic exemplifies this theme, while also managing to
have fun and derive nuance from said relationships."

Nervous about entering a sexual assault group for the first time, a girl gets a surprise push from a local punk legend.

"GRRRL GUTS" is a proof of concept short film directed by Emily Cohn and starring Jibz Cameron. It  premiered in April 2022 at the Maryland Film Festival.

Rip Her to Shreds is a funny-terrifying roller coaster ride through girlhood; with all its ups and downs, twists and turns; alliances always shifting, and personalities revealing themselves more and more each second. A dark comedy that combines modern language, witchcraft folklore and sound-scape to explore femme friendships, consent, bullying and inherited trauma.

"Rip Her To Shreds" will make it's off-broadway debut as a part of Ars Nova Ant Fest 2022

GRRRL GUTS - laurels 2.jpg

Rip Her To Shreds (play)

GRRRL GUTS (short film)

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