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"In the role of Anne, Isabelle Barbier is mesmerizing

She nails the innocence of the 13 year old Anne, as well as her curiosity and budding womanhood as the play progresses. She realistically portrays the complexity of a young girl, from a relationship with her mother fraught with conflict, to the blossoming romance with young Peter. "

"You can't take your eyes off her. She is simply amazing.

For any actress, it's a daunting task to bring the part of the perky, optimistic and valiant Anne Frank to life. But Isabelle Barbier more than rises to the occasion. Not only does she give the performance of the year, but the actress far surpasses that of Natalie Portman who played Anne in the 1997 Broadway revival and others who have tackled the role locally and regionally over the last ten years."

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