Isabelle Barbier moved to New York from her hometown of San Francisco to study improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade. After she finished the Improv and sketch writing programs, she attended the Atlantic Acting School’s conservatory program founded by David Mamet and William H. Macey. She is now the artistic director of the Flashbulb Project theater company. Her work has been presented at ITATI, Atlantic Theater Company Alumni Night, Manhattan Rep, and the New York Fringe Festival. She is a contributor to the feminist zine “Ladies of Leisure”  and produces her own podcast with Sally Tabart entitled “Bad Women.” Through her writing Isabelle strives to give a more rich and complex voice to the female experience, as well as empowering other women to make their own work.   

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“Barbier is very funny”

Ben Kenigsberg- The New York Times

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"In the role of Anne, Isabelle Barbier is mesmerizing

She nails the innocence of the 13 year old Anne, as well as her curiosity and budding womanhood as the play progresses. She realistically portrays the complexity of a young girl, from a relationship with her mother fraught with conflict, to the blossoming romance with young Peter. "

-Joseph Harrison Broadway World

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"You can't take your eyes off her. She is simply amazing.

For any actress, it's a daunting task to bring the part of the perky, optimistic and valiant Anne Frank to life. But Isabelle Barbier more than rises to the occasion. Not only does she give the performance of the year, but the actress far surpasses that of Natalie Portman who played Anne in the 1997 Broadway revival and others who have tackled the role locally and regionally over the last ten years."

-Jim Ruocco Take 2


"there’s absolutely no doubt who anchors this production: it’s Isabelle Barbier, who plays Anne.

the actress bears a striking, almost haunting resemblance to the real Anne Frank, but that isn’t why you can’t take your eyes off her. Barbier manages, effortlessly (right!) to capture the essence of the Anne Frank we know from the Diary, which was used as the basis for the play by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett and sensitively adapted by Wendy Kesselman. Barbier’s Anne is a girl on the cusp of becoming a woman, a perspicacious, verbose (those confined with her suggest she’s a bit too verbose) sometimes awkward gamine who can barely control the life that surges through her. The fact that the audience knows what awaits Anne does not, oddly enough, detract from the enjoyment of watching Barbier create an Anne Frank who, despite everything, embraces life."

-Geary Dahiny CT Theater New and Reviews


"If this production is representative of their talents in the least, Flashbulb has a bright future

There is a temptation to pigeon-hole this as a play about Generation Y and Millennials, written by them for them and only of interest to them. That is a temptation best resisted to the utmost. Isabelle Barbier (who plays Annie and who is artistic director of the Flashbulb Project that is presenting this show at FringeNYC) has written a piece that could readily be recast and slightly re-written to accommodate those in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Yes, it is about people closer to college than Social Security, and the themes she unveils resonate most powerfully for them, but they also echo across the years."

-Jeff Myhre New York Theater Guide



"Barbier has such a special voice,

and with its great sense of structure and rich dialogue, her play is a real winner. I hope to hear her writing for a long time"

-Gabriella Steinberg- Theater is Easy



*Atlantic Acting School (professional 2.5 year Conservatory program)

Scene Study: Scott Zigler and Paul Urcioli
Performance Technique: Hilary Hinkle and Cynthia Silver
Checkhov: Anya Saffir
Shakespeare/Styles: Charles Tuthill
Speech: Susan Finch
Voice: Francine Zerfas Suzuki: Kelley Maurer
Film: Heather Oakley and Todd Thaler

*Upright Citizens Brigade:


101: Laura Grey
201: Patrick Claire
301: Anthony Atamanuik


101: Madalyn Baldzani

Diary of Anne Frank-0599 2.jpg


CRSHD/lead/Director: Emily Cohn/ESC Productions/Feature

Realise Realise/Director: Alina Landry Ranicer(Music Video for ZOOEY)

Factory 91/Dancer/Director Madeline Leshner(short film)

Persephone Dreams/girl(Lead)/ Director Alina Landry-Rancier(music Video for NZCA lines on NOISEY, VICE MEDIA)

Lucky Girl/ Laurie(Lead) / Director Madeline Leshner (Short film)

Night and a Switchblade/ Mary / Finer Productions Director Ben Finer (Feature)

Bunny Boy / Daughter / Director Homer Flynn (Web Series)

A Story about a Witch/ Goth Girl / EPI Productions Director Edward Rosenbloom 


The Diary of Anne Frank by:Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett Adapted by: Wendy Kesselman/Directed by: Ezra Barnes/Playhouse on Park

Those Girls Written by: Isabelle Barbier/ Directed by: Mariana Catalina/ Dixon Place

Kitty, Cappy, Gypsy, and Snake/Snake Written By: Elizabeth M. Kelly Dir. Paul Uricoli/Manhattan Rep.

It's Chill/written by: Isabelle Barbier Directed by: Mike Malanga/NYC Fringe 2016

Unbelievable True Stories and Compelling Lies/ Kitty/ The Flashbulb Project/The Access Theater

CHILD/ Child/ Tooth and Tongue Theater co. / Director Mariana Catalina and Andy Sowers

A Lie of the Mind/ Meg/ The Flashbulb Project / Director Kyle Jacob

The Crucible/ Mercy Lewis/ Atlantic Acting School Director Jessie Hill

A Folie A Plusiers/ Dead Woman/ Atlantic Acting School/Director Mike Piazza

The Residents: Shadowland/ Diver/ Crypticorp/The Residents Director Homer Flynn